How to reach us

The island of Rab is excellently connected to the mainland by ferry and catamaran routes. Lando Resort is located in Kampor, only 7 kilometers from the city of Rab. Thanks to its geographical position in the north of the Adriatic, Rab is easily accessible by car from any part of Croatia or Europe. Unfortunately, the island of Rab does not have its own airport, but in Croatia, most of the airports have rent and car services that offer their services at favorable prices.

Zagreb – Rab

Distance between Zagreb and Rab is 220 km, and you can easily drive by car or bus. If you are driving by car, we recommend the E71 road to the exit of Žuta Lokva where you need to connect to the D 23 and E65 roads to the place Stinica from where the ferries sail to Stinica-Mišnjak. The ferry ride takes 15 minutes, after which you need to drive the D105 road for another 10 minutes. The ride takes approximately 3 hours. If you’re travelling by bus, we recommend an Autotrans carrier ride which has 4 lines a day from Zagreb to Rab.

Rijeka – Rab

The distance between Rijeka and Rab is 120km, and you can reach Rab by car, bus or catamaran. If you are traveling by car, we suggest you to travel through the island of Krk where you can catch the ferry Valbiska-Lopar. By road A7, D102 and D104 drive towards Valbiska where the ferry departs from Rab. Ferry ride takes 80 minutes. Upon arriving in Lopar take a road D105 to Kampor. If you are traveling by bus, we suggest a trip with Autotrans carrier which has a bus line that goes via Rab 2 times a day. If you are traveling with a catamaran, we suggest taking a Jadrolinija catamaran that is sailing from Rijeka to Rab every day, but beware of the limited amount of luggage, the fact that you can not transport animals and that the access for people in wheelchairs are restricted.

Zadar – Rab

Distance between Zadar and Rab is 142 km and you can reach Rab by car or by bus. If you have decided to travel by car we suggest the E65 / E71 to Stinica, crossing the D405 to Mišnjak-Stinica from where the ferry to Rab goes. When you arrive in Rab, you arrive via D105 road quickly to our resort. If you have decided to take a bus trip, there are several lines that travel several times a day on the Zadar-Rab route.

Ferry / Catamaran for Rab

Ferry Stinica – Mišnjak

From the town of Stinica, which is located near the town of Senj, four ferries sail daily to Mišnjak on Rab. They sail every hour to two hours, and in summer they sail without a special cruise line. The ferry takes 15 minutes. This ferry line is the best connection between the island of Rab and the mainland.

Ferry Valbiska (Krk) – Lopar (Rab)

The Valbiska-Lopar ferry line is great for connecting the island of Krk and the island of Rab. In the season this ferry sails 4 times a day, and the ferry ride takes 80 minutes.

Catamaran Rijeka – Rab – Pag

The Rijeka-Rab-Novalja catamaran sails several times a day and the price of the ride is approximately 60 kn per person.

The distance in kilometers from Rab to major cities in Croatia and Europe:

Zagreb-Rab: 220km
Rijeka-Rab: 120km
Zadar- Rab: 142km
Ljubljana-Rab: 240km
Beč-Rab: 570km
Munchen-Rab: 645km
Milano-Rab: 610km

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