Events on Rab

15. March 2021.

Knight tournaments on Rab

The knight tournaments are organized 4 times a year in the town of Rab . During the summer season you can visit 3 of them. On 25th June, 27th July and 15th August. Knight Games held on July 27th, are held in honor of St. Christophor who is the protector […]
15. March 2021.

Fishermen’s nights on Rab

Fishermen’s nights are famous folklore marking of fishing, traditional preparation and consumption of fish. Every place has its own fishermen night, which means that at least one is kept at Rab every week. Join this unique event and enjoy local food and drink.
15. March 2021.

Rapska fjera

At the end of July, the first and largest medieval festival in Croatia – Rapska fjera is held. This festival holds a long tradition that began on 21st July 1364 and is held in honor of the king of Ljudevit Posavski who liberated Rab from Venetians. Fjera is also held […]